Domestic Violence 101 Workshops NP

Domestic Violence 101 Workshops
for Professionals and Community Members

YWCA’s Domestic Violence 101 Workshop series is designed and facilitated by our domestic violence staff to help community professionals and members recognize the dynamics of violence, understand the complex impact of domestic violence on individuals, families and the community, and learn how and when to take steps towards intervention.

Workshops are held on Fridays from 8:30am to 4:30pm with an hour break for lunch at noon. Participants are encouraged to register for the entire series, but can register for each workshop individually as well. Upon completion of the 28 hours of domestic violence education, participants will receive a YWCA Certificate of Completion for those hours.

NOTE: we currently cannot offer CEUs.

The workshops series can also be offered to agencies and organizations on-site for a flat rate. Contact Elizabeth Rhodes at for more information.

**Please note that survivors of domestic violence are more than welcome to register for the series, however, it is not a service designed for survivors. ALL services for survivors are FREE. Call our 24 hour helpline at 508-755-9030 or visit for more information on our survivor services.


Workshop 1: Recognizing Our Roles
Recognizing our personal roles in the movement against domestic violence is a process that requires a commitment to self-reflection, non-judgment, and empathy. This workshop explores how unconscious perceptions and expectations can create biases about survivors and their experiences. In this workshop, you will:

  • Review a timeline of significant events in the movement to end domestic violence.
  • Question what informs our perceptions of situations and expectations of people.
  • Recognize the many ways trauma can affect people mentally, physically, and socially.
  • Participate in an interactive activity placing you in the shoes of a survivor navigating abuse.

Workshop 2: Understanding Abuse Dynamics
To understand abuse dynamics, difficult questions must be explored: Who is impacted by abuse? What does abuse look like in real life? Why do people abuse their loved ones? Gain insight into what makes a relationship more than just unhealthy, but coercive, controlling, and dangerous. In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the distinction between unhealthy relationships and abusive relationships.
  • Learn about the prevalence of domestic violence and the impact on individuals and society.
  • Explore common myths about why people are abusive to their partners and family members
  • Identify tools commonly used by abusers and the components of common abuse patterns.

Workshop 3: Responding to Families
From recognizing the impact of witnessing violence on children, to divorce and custody disputes, families experiencing domestic violence have to navigate unique obstacles on their paths to safety. You will hear from community professionals who work to support families facing these challenges. You will also:

  • Recognize and understand the impact of domestic violence on child witnesses and victims.
  • Learn about services designed to support children who have been exposed to trauma.
  • Gain insight into the family court process.
  • Hear from community professionals who support families in their work.

Workshop 4: Building Stronger Communities
Strong communities care for themselves and others. Hear from our advocates and community professionals about the legal protections available to survivors, as well as laws and protocols that hold perpetrators accountable. You will:

  • Hear from our SAFEPLAN advocates who assist survivors in applying for civil protective orders.
  • Gain insight from legal professionals about criminal processes and the civil protections available to survivors.
  • Learn about high risk indicators and the work of the High-Risk Response Teams in Greater Worcester and North Central Massachusetts.
  • Identify available community supports for survivors and their families.


February 2020:

Workshop 1 – 2/7/2020

Workshop 2 – 2/14/2020

Workshop 3 – 2/21/2020

Workshop 4 – 2/28/2020


June 2020:

Workshop 1 – 6/5/2020

Workshop 2 – 6/12/2020

Workshop 3 – 6/19/2020

Workshop 4 – 6/26/2020


September 2020:

Workshop 1 – 9/11/2020

Workshop 2 – 9/18/2020

Workshop 3 – 9/25/2020

Workshop 4 – 10/2/2020