February 2021 Member of the Month: Geno Toloczko

YWCA member of the month Geno Toloczko

Meet Geno! ⁠

According to long-time fitness member, Geno Toloczko, “the water is the best thing for you.” Geno was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1990 and in 2005 after retiring from UPS he found a program at the YWCA that was being offered in partnership with the MS Society. He joined the program and never looked back. ⁠

Geno is back in the pool three days a week after the facility was closed due to renovations and COVID-19. ⁠

“The low impact of the water and just being able to come and swim makes a huge difference both mentally and physically,” said Geno. He’s glad that he’s back to doing something good for body. According to Geno, he has “everything he needs at the YWCA” from the water in the pool being the right temperature to friendly and conscientious staff who are doing everything they can to keep members safe and healthy. ⁠

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