Racial Equity Workshops

Racial Equity Workshops

Talking about racism is hard, but necessary. Let us help.

YWCA’s Racial Equity Workshops are an opportunity to develop a foundational understanding of the systems that uphold racial inequity and the impact it has at the interpersonal, institutional and structural levels. These topics often give rise to challenging and emotional moments.

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Facilitated by our Director of Racial and Gender Equity, all sessions utilize learning strategies intended to engage everyone, including group discussion, reading materials, awareness exercises, interactive activities and more—all in a safe, supportive environment where everyone can share their thoughts openly. Best of all, our workshops are for all ages, can be held on or off-site, and can be customized to meet the unique needs of any organization, business, institution or agency.

Workshops can be customized for any age group, organization, or business and include:

  • Racism workshops
  • Discussion facilitation
  • Consulting and expertise
  • Custom workshops
  • …and more

Scheduling and Pricing Private Workshops
Racial Equity Workshops can be scheduled according to your needs. Pricing varies. For more information, please fill out the contact form below.