YWCA Central Massachusetts has begun our renovation project! Please refer below for specific updates, changes to program/service schedules and accessibility. Thank you for your patience during this disruptive period. This page will be revised as new updates become available.

Please note, updates are for informational purposes, and are subject to change.

Here’s the Latest:

April 2020:
  • Underground Storage Tank and backfill near the pool garden was been removed with no leakage and the hole was refilled.
  • In-wall plumbing inspections on first floor were completed
  • Drywall installed and rooms defined
  • Demo of mechanical room and removal of old boilers completed
March  2020:
  • Framing is completed on the ground and first floors
  • Steel work has started in the Strength & Cardio room
  • Preparation has begun for HVAC equipment on the second floor roof
February 2020:
  • New cardio and strength gym equipment delivered to temp space
  • New boiler delivered and installed
  • Duct work began on first floor lobby and fitness lounge
  • All routine building inspections were passes
January 2020:
  • YWCA held groundbreaking ceremony and kicked-off $24-million renovation
  • Strength and Cardio equipment moves to temporary space in the Board Room
  • Major demolition work began of the ground and first floors (Walls and floors)
  • Plumbing work began of the ground and first floors
  • YWCA celebrated their financial closing
December 2019:
  • Offices begin moving into temporary spaces to prepare for the upcoming renovation
  • Childcare moves into temporary classrooms
February 2019:
  • YWCA signs the first community benefit agreement in Worcester history

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Project Details

This long awaited renovation will update systems and deal with differed maintenance and repairs to provide program participants with a facility that meets current requirements for safety, comfort and accessibility. Consolidating and optimizing the current square footage will expand capacity, improve security and advance the ability of YWCA to provide more effective and efficient services.

The timing for the planned renovation couldn’t be better. With its prominent downtown location, YWCA has been identified, along with the abutting Worcester Public Library, as a “key destination within the District” in the City of Worcester’s Downtown Urban Revitalization Plan, submitted to Housing and Urban Development in April 2016. YWCA’s planned renovation helps to visibly integrate the facility into this fast-developing area of Worcester’s downtown revitalization, making YWCA a welcoming and accessible community resource. YWCA renovations fit squarely in line with the City of Worcester’s revitalization goals.

Building Upgrades
  • System upgrades
  • Zoned heating and air conditioning
  • Energy efficient and code compliant systems
  • Address deferred maintenance
  • Partial roof repairs
  • Repointing of exterior masonry
  • New windows and doors
  • Restore historic elements to preserve original and unique features
  • Refresh interior finishes and provide better storage options
  • Compliance with life safety and accessibility requirements
Early Education & Care
  • Department moves from single floor to two stacked floors
  • Large center feels small and intimate; more visible at main entry
  • Dedicated playgrounds for toddlers and preschoolers with better proximity to classrooms
  • Increased Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) rating appeals to private clients
  • Additional classroom for pre-K
  • Natural daylight provided to every classroom
  • Shared child restrooms directly adjacent to each classroom
  • Integrated STEM programming; portable resources
  • Enhanced employee breakroom
  • Parent-Teacher conference room created
Domestic Violence Services
  • Increased space to meet program demand and requirements
  • Self-contained program areas
  • Separate private, secure entrance
  • Dedicated private counseling spaces for
  • large groups, families and one-on-one meetings
Transitional Housing
  • Increased capacity by 4 rooms
  • Standardized room sizes
  • Accessible unit and bathroom facilities on each floor
  • Laundry room on each floor
  • Efficient and welcoming common areas
Wellness & Health Equity
  • Reduced footprint within building
  • Multi-use fitness area adjacent to gym
  • Designated women-only fitness area
  • Refreshed gymnasium, locker room and pool areas
  • Easier access to WHE spaces for childcare, YPP and Girls CHOICE
Women’s Economic Empowerment
  • Flexible classroom space to accommodate both the Young Parent Program and Girls CHOICE
  • Dedicated counseling rooms for one-on-one meetings
Site Enhancements
  • Improved traffic flow, childcare drop-off and parking
  • Maintain parking count
  • Dedicated playgrounds away from the busy intersection and securely separated from the street
  • Enhanced street presence through new site elements such as:
  • Shared play area with Worcester Public Library




When does the renovation actually start?

The renovation gets underway on January 2, 2020.

How long will the renovations take?

The YWCA Salem Square renovation project timeline is approximately 52 weeks.

What is being renovated?

The entire building will be touched by the renovation – from new building systems (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, safety/security) to new energy efficient exterior windows and doors. Some program areas are being re-designed and relocated while others will get refurbished, but remain in their current building footprint.

Even though you are still open, will certain programs/services be unavailable at times?

During construction there will be periods of time when some of our programs/services might be unavailable. Our goal is to minimize the disruption of services to our patrons as much as possible. We will do our best to notify our members and program participants in a timely manner if/when a service is unavailable.

Will facility/program hours be interrupted due to the renovations?

Currently, there are no scheduled interruptions of service hours during the renovation. This is subject to change, and the members and program participants will be given advanced notification when possible.

Will the YWCA close at all anytime during the renovation?

There are no plans to close the YWCA at this time, but if the need arises our members and program participants will be given advanced notification of any closures.

What entrances and exits will be available during the renovation?

During the renovation our main entrance will remain operational for entering and exiting the building. If that should change, we will notify members and program participants as soon as possible.

Will parking be affected by the renovations? 

Effective December 16, 2019, the small staff parking lot no longer is available. It has since been fenced off for the construction trailer and construction vehicles.

Also, there is no parking for child care drop off/pick up along the driveway. Parents are to use the main parking lot when dropping off and picking up their children from child care.

Will any of the side streets be shut down due to the construction?

There are currently no plans to shut down the public streets around the YWCA although that may change due to construction taking place at the Worcester Public Library. The YWCA will do our best to notify our members and program participants in a timely manner if/when there is a closure.

Will I be able to reserve meeting space during the renovation?

Meeting rooms will no longer be available for use by community groups until after the renovation is complete.  Notice will be given on our website.

Can I drop off donations to the YWCA during the renovation?

While we appreciate the generosity of the community, we will not have storage during the renovation and, therefore, will not be able to accept any gently used/used clothing, toys/games, books, etc.

We will consider accepting new items such as feminine hygiene products, toiletries, paper goods, etc.

Please call the Development Office at 508-767-2505, x3009 in advance. Donations not approved in advance will not be accepted.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about the renovations?

Questions regarding the renovations can be directed to the Community Relations and Communications office at

Where can I find renovation updates?

Please visit:

YWCA website |

Facebook |

You may also call us at 508-767-2505 or stop by the Front Desk for more information about programs, classes, or office relocations.



Early Education and Care


Where can I park to drop off and pick up my child?

We are asking all parents to use the YWCA’s main parking lot to park when dropping off and/or picking up your child to avoid traffic congestion and to keep everyone safe.

Will my card work to get into other areas of the building?


How do I get to my child’s classroom?

Infants are in the Member’s Lounge located across from the front desk.

Toddler 1 and Toddler 2 are located in the youth room. Swipe your card through the door near the vending machines and the classroom is located on the left.

Toddler 2A and Toddler 2B will be in Room 1 which is the classroom located off the gym.

Preschool C classroom will be located in the WHE office. Take the elevator to the second floor turn left swipe card through the door and it is straight ahead or take the stairs by swiping your card through the door near the vending machines up the stairwell located on the left go up the stairs one level and the classroom is the second right.

Pre-K A & B will be located in Room Two. Take the elevator to the second floor turn left swipe card through the door and it is straight ahead. Or take the stairs by swiping your card through the door near the vending machines up the stairwell located on the left go up the stairs one level and the classroom is the first right.

Where can I find Preschool Yellow, Red and Green?

These classrooms will not be moving during this phase.

Where can I find the Child Care Directors?

Their office will be in the same location and there phone numbers will remain the same.

Where can I find Daisy the Parent Liaison?

Daisy will remain in the same office with the same phone number.

Where will the After-School program be?

On non-school days, the  After-School program will be located in the gym.

What happens if I send someone different to pick up my child?

If the person does not know where to go have them stop at the desk to check in and the front desk staff will call a Director.



Wellness & Health Equity


Will the Strength & Cardio Room be impacted during the renovation?

Yes. Beginning January 14 renovations in the Strength & Cardio room will begin. We expected the renovated space to re-open in April.  While construction is taking place, the Strength & Cardio center will be located in the Board Room (second floor).

Below is a schedule of moves in support of this aspect of the renovation. Please note that there may be some disruption to operation on 1/16 and 1/17 when new strength equipment is being installed.  We will share specifics on this as soon as we have the details.

  • Sunday, January 12
    • The current S&C center will be open regular hours
    • After closing, equipment will be moved to the Board Room, which will open Monday, January 13 at 6:00 a.m.
  • Monday, January 13
    • S&C will open in the Board Room.  The following equipment will be available:
      • 9 Cardio Pieces – 4 Treadmills, 3 Elliptical, 2 Bikes
      • Free Weights (Dumb bells, Kettlebells & Barbells/Plates)
      • Benches & Mats
      • Other resistance equipment such as bands & tubing
    • Thursday & Friday, January 16 & 17
      • NEW Matrix Weight machines will be delivered and installed in the Board Room.  This includes the following:
        • Leg Extension & Leg Curl
        • Leg Press
        • Abs & Low Back
        • Multi-station Functional Trainer, which allows exercises for the entire body
      • New Matrix Dumbbells, Racks and Benches
      • During installation, ONLY the Cardio machines will be available for use at this time.  Members should check with us as the date approaches, as we will then be better able to pinpoint the times when strength training will be unavailable.

Will there be any new strength training equipment installed after the renovation?

Yes. When the Strength & Cardio Room reopens in April NEW Matrix Strength & Cardio machines will installed.  These include:

  • Strength:  Chest & Shoulder Press, Rowing, Rotary Torso, Lat Pulldown, Assisted Dip/Chin-up, Triceps/Biceps & Multi-use Pulley
  • Free Weight Accessories:  Full Power Rack, additional benches
  • Cardio:  2 Climbmills, 2 S-Force Performance Trainers, 1 Rower

Will I still be able to work out? 

Yes, although limited in number, the equipment that will be in the Board Room has been selected to give you the ability to do a total body workout.

How will I know what to do? 

Ask an instructor.  They will have a variety of workout protocols for you to try, and will help you to learn how to get the most out of your workout.

I especially like certain Cybex machines; will they be available? 

No, we are discarding all old Cybex strength machines.  Please see a Strength & Cardio instructor, and they will show you other ways to work the muscles you want to exercise.

What will happen to the old Cardio equipment? 

The oldest pieces will be discarded.  We will keep all of the current treadmills, the Cybex Arc Trainers and Matrix Ellipticals, Bikes and UBEs.  Those pieces that are not moving to the Board Room will be stored until we are ready to reopen in the renovated space.

Will drop-in fitness schedule be impacted during this time?

No. Drop-In Fitness Classes will not be affected by this move; please refer to the posted schedule.



FAQs: Girls CHOICE Program

Where will the Girls CHOICE Program be held during the renovation?

The Girls CHOICE program will be held in Room 2 during the renovations.

Will there be any programmatic changes to the Girls CHOICE program during the renovation?

We do not anticipate any programmatic changes to the Girls CHOICE program during the renovation period.

Will Girls CHOICE meet on the same day and time during the renovation?

 Yes, all Girls CHOICE program dates and times will stay the same.

Where is pick up and drop off for Girls CHOICE?

Pick up and drop for the Girls CHOICE program will be in the parking lot. We are asking parents and others picking up participants to pull into the driveway and wait there for pickup.  There will be no pick up in front of the building.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Girls Choice Program (GC): Contact person- Jessica Diaz 508-767-2505 ext. 3073

FAQs: Young Parents Program (YPP)

Where will YPP be held during renovations?

The YPP will continue to be held in the same location.

Will there be any changes to the YPP during the renovations?

 No changes will be made during renovations.

Will I still meet here at YWCA for my appointments?

 Yes, YPP participants will continue to meet with the Program Manager, Marymar,  in her office.

Who do I contact for additional information?

 Marymar Perez 508-767-2505 ext. 3010


 FAQs: Transitional Housing Program (THP)

 Where will residents of THP go during renovations?

Residents will be notified about any program relocation by the program manager. All current residents will be provided with housing during the renovation.

Is the THP still accepting housing applications?

 Yes, The THP is always accepting applications.

When will renovations to the Transitional Housing Program begin?

Renovations of THP are scheduled to start in May 2020.

Where will residents park during the renovations?

Residents will continue to park in the YWCA parking lot along the back fence.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Shimeca Wilson 508-767-2505 ext. 3020


FAQS : Domestic Violence Services

Can I still get access to domestic violence services?

Yes. You can reach one of our DV Advocates through our 24-hour helpline at 508-755-9030 or chat line at

If it is an emergency, please call 9-1-1.


Check back tomorrow for more information. This page is updated daily!

We're Here to Help!

Department Name Phone Number Email Address
Racial and Gender Equity Maritza Cruz, Director 508-767-2505 ext. 3018
Transitional Housing Program Shimeca Wilson, Manager 508-767-2505 ext. 3020
Wellness and Health Equity Patty Flanagan, Director 508-767-2505 ext. 3021
Early Education & Care Darlene Belliveau, Director, Children’s Services 508-767-2505 ext. 3025
Women’s Economic Empowerment Jessica Diaz, Director 508-767-2505 ext. 3073
Domestic Violence Services Deborah Hall, Director 508-767-2505 ext. 3014
Executive Director Linda Cavaioli 508-767-2505 ext. 3006
Associate Executive Director, Mission, Programs & Community Impact Robyn Kennedy 508-767-2505 ext. 3032
Human Resources Darlene Heywosz, Director 508-767-2505 ext. 3004
Marketing & Development Gina Moretti-MacConnell, Director 508-767-2505 ext. 3009
Marketing & Development Associate Sophie Cannon 508-767-2505 ext. 3049
Facilities Rick Breault, Director 508-767-2505 ext. 3054
Technology James Taylor, Coordinator 508-767-2505 ext. 3070