Westborough Child Care Center’s Read-a-Thon

Ready. Set. Read!

To celebrate Literacy Month and to promote reading among our children and families, the YWCA’s Westborough Child Care Center is holding a Read-a-Thon from March 15 – April 13, 2020. In addition to encouraging our chidlren to read (or be read to) at home, we’ll have special readers visiting our classrooms.

Throughout the Read-a-Thon each classroom will have a theme and will be sending home theme-related “props” for their children to decorate and complete with the name and the title of each book they’ve read. The props will then be added to the classroom door providing a public display of each child’s and each classroom’s reading progress.

On April 18th all of the chidlren’s props will be entered to win two Spring Fun Baskets.

Proceeds from the Read-a-Thon will fund the addition of a rock climbing wall and other enhancements to the Center’s gym/gross motor play area.


Early Literacy Matters: Important cognitive development happens during the first five years of a child’s life. When families participate in their child’s education process, it can support and extend the learning that is happening in schools while promoting a positive experience for children and helping them develop to their full potential.

So when you talk, sing, read, write and play with your child, you’re helping them to develop early literacy skills. These skills make it easier for them to read in school, which is an essential skill for school success.

Key points:

  • Reading and storytelling with your child promotes brain development and imagination, teaches your child about language and emotions, and strengthens your relationship.
  • You don’t always need to read books. Try looking at picture books, singing rhymes and songs, or telling stories from your culture.
  • Babies and young children often enjoy books, songs and stories with good rhyme, rhythm and repetition.
  • Anytime is a good time for a book or story!

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Set a goal with your child for the number of books they’ll read and you’ll read to them. As your child finishes reading a book or you finishing reading a book to your child, have them decorate one of themed props with their name and book title to be posted on the classroom door.

At the end of the Read-a-Thon all props will be entered into a drawing for two Spring Fun Gift Baskets.

Ask your family members, friends and neighbors to sponsor your child.  Send them the YWCA Westborough Read-a-Thon link to make a one-time donation of $45, $30 or $15. That’s just $1.50, $1.00 or $.50 a day. The more people you get to support the Read-a-Thon the more children and families can be helped through the YWCA’s early childhood education program.

Proceeds from the Read-a-Thon will be used specifically to construct an age and height appropriate rock-climbing wall in the Center’s gym/gross motor room. A divider will be installed to separate the space so children also will have a space to run, and a space to climb.