YW Staff Profile: Alfee Westgroves

YW Staff Profile: Alfee Westgroves


Job Title:

Women’s Health Specialist


Where did you attend school / what did you study?

I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Worcester State University.


How long worked at the YW:

 2 years


What are your favorite workouts or fitness routine?

I have earned a green belt in Tang Soo Do karate. I also love to dance and think Zumba is a great workout.


What song empowers you?

The first half of the Hamilton Soundtrack or some 80s jam.


What is your favorite part about the Fitness Center?

 There’s something for my whole family.


Who inspires you?

Beyoncé has amazing movement and stamina.


What’s your favorite quote?

“Get in the way and get in good trouble, necessary trouble…seek justice for all.”- John Lewis


What advice do you want to share with your peers about being a member of the YWCA family?

It means a lot to me to feel so supported as an employee and an individual. It feels awesome to be able to follow my passion at work every day.


What does the YWCA mean to you?

A place where I can do work I truly believe in, where I know my work empowers others and helps better the community.


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