YWCA Central Massachusetts Statement: Indigenous People’s Day

The YWCA Central Massachusetts is disappointed in the Worcester City Council’s unanimous vote to reaffirm the city’s commitment to the celebration of Columbus Day as a holiday.

On the Second Monday in October, the YWCA, and many other communities and organizations across our Nation, choose to commemorate Indigenous People’s Day. We do so not to revise history, but to recognize the great human cost to the 1st Nations Peoples of the Caribbean, the Taino, and  the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, that came with Christopher Columbus’ arrival and whose history has been and continues to be erased.

As an organization committed to eliminating racism and fighting for peace, justice and dignity for all, it is incumbent on us to acknowledge our history that has built and continues to sustain systems that oppress entire populations of people.

We strongly encourage our community and our elected officials to join us in doing so.

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