Community Initiatives & Partnerships

Community Initiatives and Partnerships

Coordinated Community Response Network (CCRN)
The CCRN is a network designed to supply local providers with the resources to recognize, respond, and refer individuals and families impacted by domestic violence to the appropriate services in a timely manner. CCRN brings together local organizations to develop a universal action plan that provides a consistent and standardized response to families impacted by domestic violence. CCRN members are provided key tools for victim safety and abuser accountability.

Employers Against Domestic Violence (EADV)
A comprehensive training program designed to provide employees and employers with awareness, knowledge and the necessary skills to address domestic violence issues that impact the workplace. Staff also works with businesses to establish domestic violence policies and procedures.

High-Risk Response Teams
The response teams are a cutting-edge community response model developed to support domestic violence victims through collaborative efforts, involving law enforcement, the courts, medical service providers, probation, Batterers intervention programs, and Domestic violence services staff. This team identifies domestic violence cases that could potentially lead to homicide or re-assault within the Worcester, Ayer, Fitchburg/Leominster, Gardner/Winchendon and Clinton District Courts.

Intervention Network: Worcester (WIN)
This program provides both direct crisis intervention and follow-up contact. This program is a pro-active, follow-up advocacy service to police involved incidents of domestic violence.  Intervention Network advocates strive to follow-up with every victim. Advocates may provide various advocacy and referrals, i.e. police, legal, economic, and housing.

In addition, if a victim is in immediate danger, and needs to get to a safe place, the intervention network may assist with safety planning which may include helping the survivor to access a secure and confidential shelter. That process includes briefing the victim on what is entailed in going into a confidential domestic violence shelter, helping make any necessary phone calls, facilitating the survivor’s ability to safely pick up needed documents and belongings prior to going into shelter, and assisting with transportation arrangements. The hotline number is available to provide emergency intervention on a 24-hour basis.

Worcester Intervention Network (W.I.N) is collaboration between the YWCA Central Massachusetts/Daybreak, Worcester Police Department’s Domestic Violence Unit and the Victim Witness Program of the District Attorney’s Office.

Worcester Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (WAASE)
WAASE is a collaboration of the YWCA and other community partners who develop prevention and intervention strategies designed to address sexual exploitation in greater Worcester. They identify and respond to victims, survivors, traffickers, buyers, and facilitators in order to improve the health and wellness of our community.  The Ray of Light project is a training method used to create a better educated network of responders.