Women’s Health

YWCA is a proud participant in the MA Breast & Cervical Cancer Program whose purpose is to decrease cancer diagnosis, sickness and death by providing a comprehensive program of outreach, screening and follow-up care.

With a focus on strategies that work, the MA Breast & Cervical Cancer Program strives to increase screening rates in prioritized populations- Black and African-American women, as well as others who have a higher incidence/death rate from breast cancer.  Early detection has been shown to lead to more positive outcomes- relatively easier treatment and greater rates of survival.

There are some things that are still unknown or not well understood about breast cancer and the disparity, but this we do know: In this point in time, early detection is the key (to better outcomes). The MA Breast & Cervical Cancer Program aims to ensure every woman in our community has access to breast cancer screening.

YWCA Central Massachusetts is on a mission to support fighters, survivors, and thrives.

Cancer Support Programs:

  • ENCOREplus®:  Through the ENCOREplus® program, women under treatment and recovering from breast cancer have access to a unique, combined peer group support and exercise program. ENCOREplus® is a free program providing valuable physical and emotional support to any woman diagnosed with breast or reproductive cancer.
  • Women of Color & the Big C: YWCA Central Massachusetts, in partnership with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine- New England Region, invites you to a dedicated support group for women of color diagnosed with reproductive cancers (i.e., breast, cervical, ovarian, uterine).

Cancer Prevention and Education:

YWCA Central Massachusetts is here to help you get informed, get on track, and make sure you have access to the resources you need to reduce your cancer risk.