Daybreak Breakfast

Daybreak Breakfast

Monday, October 17, 2022 | 8:00 AM

The Daybreak Breakfast is designed to educate, motivate and inspire people to build safe communities by raising awareness of domestic violence, supporting survivors, and promoting healthy relationships.

Every day in the United States, four Black women and girls are murdered by their husband, boyfriend, father or another man. Black women make up 14 percent of the female population in our country yet they account for 28% of the females killed by males in single victim/single offender incidents where the race of the victim was known.  (

Even though Black women experience domestic violence at significantly higher rates than white women, the violence is often not reported. They remain silent out of duty to their race and culture, for family unity, and because they fear the systemic racism that permeates and persists in law enforcement and criminal justice.

Our guest speaker, Deborah Collins-Gousby, will address the specific culturally appropriate responses that providers and we, as a community, can offer that empower Black women to break their silence, share their stories, and be free from violence.

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Keynote Speaker:

Deborah Collins-Gousby

Deborah Collins-Gousby is a Boston native who graduated from Boston Public Schools and Emerson College. Before joining Brookview House, Collins-Gousby worked nearly 13 years at Casa Myrna, a comprehensive provider of domestic violence services, starting as Director of Emergency Programs and eventually assuming responsibility for all of the agency’s direct service programs. Prior to joining Casa Myrna, Collins-Gousby worked 14 years at the Elizabeth Stone House, another Boston provider of shelter and community-based services to survivors and their children affected by domestic violence. She has extensive experience in direct services, program development, staffing, budgeting, volunteer management, education and outreach and outcome measurement and reporting. Collins-Gousby is President of Jane Doe, Inc board and co-chair and member of the Leadership Committee of the Massachusetts Women of Color Network (MAWOCN).