Prevention Education

Prevention Education

YWCA’s Community Education program provides violence prevention education to children from preschool to high school, as well as trainings and workshops on domestic violence and child abuse to professional groups. All community education workshops and programs can be tailored to fit the specific needs of an audience.

Prevention Education Programs

The YWCA’s Outreach and Prevention Program offers violence prevention education services for youth, teens and adults in Central and North Central Massachusetts. Our violence prevention services educate the community by equipping individuals with the skills to resist violence and abuse and promote healthy, non-violent interaction.

Programming for Children and Youth

Advocates are available to facilitate workshops and talking circles designed to empower children to recognize and understand healthy relationships, and to overcome bullying and harassment. Workshops use group discussion, role play, video and interactive activities to help children recognize the signs and effects of bullying and harassment, as well as pathways to seek help.

Girls Circle

Girls Circle is a research-based model that improves at-risk teen girls’ self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. This 8-10 week program focuses on building relationships with peers and adults.

Youth/Young Adult Healthy Relationships Programs

Prevention Advocates tailor a workshop or series of workshops to the needs of specific adolescent audiences. Workshops deal with healthy relationships, developmentally-appropriate violence prevention topics, the dynamics of teen dating violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Contact Tara Huard at or 508-767-2505 x 154 for more information or to schedule a workshop.

Department Training & Adult Programs

Prevention advocates provide community members and professionals workshops and professional development trainings on the complexity of child abuse and domestic violence. Intensive training about the complex dynamics of family violence, appropriate intervention, legal recourse, and safety planning and prevention strategies is available for any group.

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Member of Employers Against Domestic Violence (EADV) A comprehensive training program designed to provide employees and employers with awareness, knowledge, and the necessary skills to address domestic violence issues that impact the workplace. Staff will also work with businesses to establish domestic violence policies and procedures. Employers may contact our Domestic Violence Services Department and request a consultation.

Professional Development and Training

Intensive training for professionals and paraprofessionals about the complex dynamics of family violence, appropriate intervention, legal recourse, safety planning and prevention strategies. Participants learn how to recognize, respond, and refer victims they may encounter in their professional roles.

For more information about any of the above services, call our helpline at 508-755-9030.