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YWeTalk was created by listening to you!

The attendees of the YWCA Central Massachusetts 2023 Stand Against Racism event asked for more Racial Justice and Gender Equity conversations with their community. As we enter a new year, we hear you, and want to provide the space for you to continue to hear from each other!

The YWCA is hosting YWeTalk Community Conversations around various topics that intersect with Racial Justice and Gender Equity by and for community members.

These community conversations are an opportunity to connect with others by fostering understanding, empathy, collaboration, and a shared commitment to positive change around racial justice and gender equity in our community. Many people may not be fully informed about the challenges faced by different communities, and open conversations provide an opportunity for education and understanding. When community members share their experiences and perspectives, it helps others understand the impact of systemic inequalities. By sharing diverse stories and perspectives, individuals can confront and overcome preconceived notions, leading to more inclusive and equitable attitudes.

These conversations around racial justice and gender equity have the incredible potential for transformative connections to emerge. The YWCA hopes these discussions extend beyond understanding and empathy and that participants are able to cultivate friendships, partnerships, and alliances that can shape our collective future.

Discussions will be facilitated by expert YWCA Central MA Race and Gender Equity staff and will be held from 6 PM until 8 PM at the YWCA, 1 Salem Sq, Worcester, MA.








Kiesha Lamb
Director of Race & Gender Equity








Levi Ekstrom
Race & Gender Equity Advocate



Feb 21 – Intersectionality

March 20 – BIPOC Youth & Opportunities for Activism

April 24 – Belonging & Inclusion of Queer POC

May 15 – Environmental Justice

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